Is Animation a Fun Job?


When it comes to the job you choose, no one wants a job where they end up dragging their heels to the office every day. Instead, we all hope to find something exciting and fun considering the amount of time working. There is a vast selection of options for future careers, from medical, accounting, to arts. If you are looking for a job that will provide you with artistic opportunities, you can consider a job as an animator. However, is animation a job that will put a smile on your face or be a bit of a drag?

What does an animator do?

Animators work on a comprehensive spectrum of projects, from video games to advertisements., creating animations and special effects to enhance these projects. In addition, many animators choose a specialty to develop and specialize in, such as 3D designing or drawing by hand. Animators can use various tools and techniques to create special effects, including 3D models and an impressive selection of animation programs. It is a career that is constantly expanding in opportunities, technology, and tools.

Where do animators work?

A career in animation is specialized, so animators get positions based on their skills in a large variety of industries. Animators can work in any of these fabulous industries:

●      Television and radio broadcasting

●      Publishers

●      Consulting services

●      Video and motion picture industries

One of the most significant benefits of being an animator, however, is being self-employed. This allows you to work with clients you select in industries of your choice.

 Is a career in animation as fun as it seems?

A career in animation offers the following:

●      personal expression

As an animator, you have the privilege of adding your personal expression to each project that you complete. Although you might be required to work inside the restrictions of a script, you will be able to add your own special touches to your work. It is gratifying to put your personal touches on every project that you work on.

●      creative freedom

If you are creating your own project or cartoons, you will have complete creative freedom. In addition, freelance animators often get creative freedom with projects if clients trust them. Having creative freedom allows you to embrace your creativity fully and without limits.

●      business relationships

Working in such a vast selection of animator industries exposes an animator to incredible creative teams and outstanding business relationships. Several of these business relationships can last a lifetime and lead to amazing opportunities.

●      flexible hours

A fantastic benefit of working on a project or freelancing is the flexibility it offers. You can choose your own hours, so whether you like working as the sun comes up or burning the midnight oil, your working hours will be up to you. This makes a career as an animator one that provides you with great versatility.

●      creative expansion

A career in animation can be very challenging, forcing you to improve your creativity and flex your brain daily. The field of animation is fascinating these days because of the incredible tools and technology that animators have at their disposal. These tools make it possible for animators to learn something new every day, resulting in a gratifying career filled with creative expansion.

A career in animation will never leave you feeling bored and unmotivated. Instead, each project will offer a new challenge and new artistic concepts. This makes a job as an animator incredibly fun and exciting.

Should you consider a career in animation?

If you are thinking about becoming an animator, but you are nervous about whether it will be a good choice for you, if these personality traits describe you, the world of animation is yours to conquer:

●      You are a naturally curious person.

A career in animation offers a great variety of projects, making it a perfect fit for anyone with a curious mind.

●      You have an eye for art.

If you are always doodling on scraps of paper or enjoy artistic hobbies, you will love a career in animation. Fantastic animators are naturally drawn to good designs. An excellent skill for any animator is knowing what has an aesthetically pleasing appeal and what doesn’t. People who have artistic appreciation thrive as animators because they get to do what they love.

●      You are an analytical person.

Analytical thinkers make excellent animators because they are natural problem-solvers. These days a large part of a career in animation is dealing with online tools and animation software. Having an analytical mind goes a long way in not only mastering these tools but enjoying them too.

●      You easily concentrate intensely.

If you can quickly lose yourself in a sketch or a book, animation is a good option for you. Great animators focus their complete interest in something, and they stay focused until the job is done.  Experienced animators will often tell entry-level animators that concentrating is a vital skill and staying focused for extended periods is key to succeeding as an animator.

●      You know how to have a laugh.

A good sense of humor goes a long way in life and a career in animation. In addition, appreciating comedy makes it easier for animators to create animations that are appealing and engaging since a sense of humor is another way to express your creativity.

When it comes to animation freelancers, clients enjoy working with animators who have a good sense of humor and spontaneity. In addition, if animators work in a team, a sense of humor goes a long way to help boost the group’s chemistry.

●      You are passionate about everything you make

If you are someone who would never put your name on something that you considered to be half-hearted, animation is an excellent option for you. Successful animators are passionate people because that passion drives them to be the best animators they can be.


If the idea of creating something makes your fingers tingle in excitement, you should consider a career in animation. Just imagine the tremendous thrill each day will bring as you use your creativity to bring your fantastic ideas to life.

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